Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Edited Book Excerpt


She was everything I ever could have imagined. The only one thing in this world she loved to do was run fast. I could swear as she floated through the air, her head faced into the wind that a smile would appear on her face. She was smart and very curious. Her head and eyes would glance in any direction at even the slightest sound. She was as gray as black charcoal with a fierce black mane. You could see touches of gray poking about her large frame. She moved with a purpose, and she always seemed to know where she was going, never wanting to follow but to lead. She had kind gentle eyes that seemed to say, “I just want to do great things and to feel I had a positive impact on people’s lives.”

This is the story about a true champion in a different sense of the conventional horse racing industry’s definition. Nothing in this world is impossible to achieve if you can dream it. This is the story of our journey together throughout her greatest triumphs, worst defeats, and the amazing inspirational impact that she had upon everyone she touched.

Please join me and let me tell you about my most special dream, one that became a reality and made me never forget that you can accomplish anything in this world if you just believe that it is possible. Dreams are the combination of reality and a make believe world that we can all live in if we dare to.

There were many diverse roads that led me to this place and this time. Happy endings are subjective depending on the day of the week, and the person you choose to ask. The happiness lies in the smiles, tears, and the impact made. This is the story about a horse that would not give up no matter what life threw at her. This is the story of the special people we met along the journey, the good and the bad that helped shape this dream into true reality. This is the story of horse that shared her inner and outward struggles with sick children facing similar obstacles. This is the story of how pure gold shines when it is polished. This is the story of a dream. This is her story…