Sunday, September 20, 2009

Exciting new updates....

Hey Guys,

Been a long time.....Just wanted to let you know all the exciting events coming up for me:) I will have a very very rough copy of my book in hoof very soon, and am so eager to read the first draft. I am still pregnant and will be giving birth in early 2010 to a beautiful foal by Repriced. After that (and my baby is weaned and I am fit), I will be returning to the race track for some selected races to coincide with my book release. I have some new articles coming out in the next few months about my story and work in various publications. I have also been invited to represent the thoroughbred in a parade of breeds for the Dubois,Wyoming fair next summer. Marc hopes to speak and tell our story. I will also be meeting some special needs children and spending a few days with them. My movie prospects are still very much alive and the production company is coming next month here to meet me, and do some preliminary location scouting in the area where I grew up and raced primarily. Marc has recently been invited to Europe next summer to do a series of speeches about our unconventional journey and story at various venues. We hope to keep telling people to follow their dreams no matter what the cost in life. I am sorry this is so short, but I have to go play now. When more news comes, I will post it here and on my Facebook page. The love I recieve every day from you is astounding. I promise that I will continue to make a difference and try and make changes and reform to horse racing as well. Stay tuned...

Please keep telling your friends and family about me.

I love you!!!!

Secret Ta Gold & Marc Raben

Best Kept Secret Racing LLC