Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Letter from Secret Ta Gold...Exciting Updates

Hi all!!!

I am still in Lexington and lovin it:) I will be ready to be a mommy soon I hope! I will have my date with my new boyfriend Repriced very soon. I was so excited to hear from Marc about all the exciting adventures coming up. I love you all. I have read all the beautiful wall posts on my site and they bring a tear to my eye (I do have a labtop in my stall you know, every girl needs one) I would hug, kiss, and meet all of you if I could. I hope to someday. Please continue to tell your friends about me so we can try together to make a difference and shout it loud and clear to the racing industry that we must embrace my brothers and sisters that are at the race track right now trying to do great things for the sport. Just because they aren't on the "derby trail", dosen't mean they dont matter or aren't making an impact. It is just an impact in a different way. They are worth talking and writing about too. It makes me so sad that even in my retirement, I am still being discrimated against by the "self imposed" racing "experts". I've tried for my whole career to make a positive difference in the lives of so many people.These people don't even know me or my career, struggles and work with my children. But I stand up tall as I have my entire career to these simple minded, self serving people. Come a little closer....please.....I will give you a nice hoof on your booty:) Marc has finished his book about our lives together. He is just doing final edits. I have heard it is quite special and heartwarming. Marc has told me we might have to hit the Witness Protection Program after it is published due to the harsh realities about the racing industry that I faced, but I told him to send them to me and I will take care of them! I also am going to be in a few more magazines and publications over the next few months. Marc also is going to be on the radio in LA telling my story to horse lovers alike next month. Whew!!! Can someone get me an Evian water? A carrot wouldnt hurt either;) Marc is heading to New York at the end of this month for a second interview and meeting with a major movie production company and producers that are interested in putting my story on film. I am quite flattered as well petrified as I hear that on film you gain 30 pounds:(. I need to do some more running!!! Does my ass look big in this blanket? LOL.

Well gotta run.....

Love you all so much.....


Secret Ta Gold

More Stuff:)

Hi there:)
Each and every one of you is so special to us. We would like to take a moment to personally thank every one you for your loyalty and support. We promise to make you continue to smile when you hear or see the name of Secret Ta Gold. You have made her the happiest filly in the world. Thank you for helping us tell the racing industry that she mattered:) Our voices are being heard and the racing industry will have to listen to us!!! If they ignore us...well.....that's their problem!! They will have no choice soon with all the exciting huge projects in the works. They are afraid to tell or hear her story because it may be controversial and make them "look bad." Well that's what we call fear and "selective" reporting. We will tell my story for her..what ya think? :) Change only happens when we open our eyes. We are starting to open their eyes.!!! And it's all because of you :)I love you with all my heart!!!


Marc Raben