Sunday, September 20, 2009

Exciting new updates....

Hey Guys,

Been a long time.....Just wanted to let you know all the exciting events coming up for me:) I will have a very very rough copy of my book in hoof very soon, and am so eager to read the first draft. I am still pregnant and will be giving birth in early 2010 to a beautiful foal by Repriced. After that (and my baby is weaned and I am fit), I will be returning to the race track for some selected races to coincide with my book release. I have some new articles coming out in the next few months about my story and work in various publications. I have also been invited to represent the thoroughbred in a parade of breeds for the Dubois,Wyoming fair next summer. Marc hopes to speak and tell our story. I will also be meeting some special needs children and spending a few days with them. My movie prospects are still very much alive and the production company is coming next month here to meet me, and do some preliminary location scouting in the area where I grew up and raced primarily. Marc has recently been invited to Europe next summer to do a series of speeches about our unconventional journey and story at various venues. We hope to keep telling people to follow their dreams no matter what the cost in life. I am sorry this is so short, but I have to go play now. When more news comes, I will post it here and on my Facebook page. The love I recieve every day from you is astounding. I promise that I will continue to make a difference and try and make changes and reform to horse racing as well. Stay tuned...

Please keep telling your friends and family about me.

I love you!!!!

Secret Ta Gold & Marc Raben

Best Kept Secret Racing LLC

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Long Overdue Updates

Hey Fans!!!It's been a while and i wanted to tell you what is new and exciting :) I spent the winter and early spring in Lexington, Kentucky and I loved it.The farm took expert care of me and treated me like a princess.I am now very pregnant and will be giving birth in late January or February. I am very excited to see my half cousin of the great Barbaro come into this world. I returned home last week to my home in Illinois and am still waiting for Marc to come and visit me :) Hint Hint!! On a more exciting note, Marc has found a literary agent for my book earlier this week and we are doing some final re-writes per the agent's request which may take a little time. When this is done the agent will pitch my book to publishing houses to be released. The name of my book will be "My Best Kept Secret- The True Story Of How One Racehorse Turned Dreams Into Solid Gold." Next we can move on to the movie producers phase. It's been a long time coming and I hope that all of you haven't forgotten about me. Stay tuned for more news coming up...but my journey and mission are far from over.

I love you alll!!!

Secret Ta Gold

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Secret Ta Gold

We just wanted to let everyone know that Secret Ta Gold was confirmed in foal and pregnant to Repriced yesterday. More exciting news so stay tuned.......


Marc Raben

Best Kept Secret Racing LLC

Monday, March 9, 2009

Updates, Updates, Updates

Hello All!!!

I wanted to just say hi and let you know that Secret Ta Gold is doing great. I saw her on March 7th and she is so happy and beautiful. She is at a new farm in Lexington, Kentucky. Secret is ready to be bred and will be sent to Darby Dan Farm on Tuesday to be bred to Repriced:) Please check out a new article on her at (Pgs 52-55). Her book is done and we are expecting a 2010 release date. There are bigger projects on the horizion that I will reveal shortly as as they are confirmed. I will let you know as more articles and press comes with all the updates on the status of the Best Kept Secret Racing LLC's plans. Please find new pictures and a new video that were taken on March 7th, 2009.


Marc Raben
Best Kept Secret Racing LLC

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Letter from Secret Ta Gold...Exciting Updates

Hi all!!!

I am still in Lexington and lovin it:) I will be ready to be a mommy soon I hope! I will have my date with my new boyfriend Repriced very soon. I was so excited to hear from Marc about all the exciting adventures coming up. I love you all. I have read all the beautiful wall posts on my site and they bring a tear to my eye (I do have a labtop in my stall you know, every girl needs one) I would hug, kiss, and meet all of you if I could. I hope to someday. Please continue to tell your friends about me so we can try together to make a difference and shout it loud and clear to the racing industry that we must embrace my brothers and sisters that are at the race track right now trying to do great things for the sport. Just because they aren't on the "derby trail", dosen't mean they dont matter or aren't making an impact. It is just an impact in a different way. They are worth talking and writing about too. It makes me so sad that even in my retirement, I am still being discrimated against by the "self imposed" racing "experts". I've tried for my whole career to make a positive difference in the lives of so many people.These people don't even know me or my career, struggles and work with my children. But I stand up tall as I have my entire career to these simple minded, self serving people. Come a little closer....please.....I will give you a nice hoof on your booty:) Marc has finished his book about our lives together. He is just doing final edits. I have heard it is quite special and heartwarming. Marc has told me we might have to hit the Witness Protection Program after it is published due to the harsh realities about the racing industry that I faced, but I told him to send them to me and I will take care of them! I also am going to be in a few more magazines and publications over the next few months. Marc also is going to be on the radio in LA telling my story to horse lovers alike next month. Whew!!! Can someone get me an Evian water? A carrot wouldnt hurt either;) Marc is heading to New York at the end of this month for a second interview and meeting with a major movie production company and producers that are interested in putting my story on film. I am quite flattered as well petrified as I hear that on film you gain 30 pounds:(. I need to do some more running!!! Does my ass look big in this blanket? LOL.

Well gotta run.....

Love you all so much.....


Secret Ta Gold

More Stuff:)

Hi there:)
Each and every one of you is so special to us. We would like to take a moment to personally thank every one you for your loyalty and support. We promise to make you continue to smile when you hear or see the name of Secret Ta Gold. You have made her the happiest filly in the world. Thank you for helping us tell the racing industry that she mattered:) Our voices are being heard and the racing industry will have to listen to us!!! If they ignore us...well.....that's their problem!! They will have no choice soon with all the exciting huge projects in the works. They are afraid to tell or hear her story because it may be controversial and make them "look bad." Well that's what we call fear and "selective" reporting. We will tell my story for her..what ya think? :) Change only happens when we open our eyes. We are starting to open their eyes.!!! And it's all because of you :)I love you with all my heart!!!


Marc Raben

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Major Announcements


We wish to thank all of you for your unwavering support. We have some exciting news. We will be breeding our little Secret this year. She will be bred around March 1st, 2009 to Repriced (1988), winner of $288,412 at the track. The Roberto line is almost dead with only one other stallion left that is a direct decendent. Roberto (1969) was a sire of sires and one of the greatest race horses (Epsom Derby Winner), and stallions in the history of racing and breeding. Her baby will have clean blood (no inbreeding) and have alot of bone and mass as Repriced stands over 17 hands tall:) We are breeding her using the best cross of her grandfather, Mr. Prospector and Roberto. This cross has produced Barbaro, Rock Hard Ten, Kicken Kris, Film Maker, Lear's Princess, Hollywood Wildcat, Pine Island, Roativa, Dr. Fong, Riskaverse, and so many other Grade I winners. The Roberto line produces solid, sound race horses. Repriced has a 13% stakes winner per starter ratio. He has a 80% percent start ratio and a 55% win ratio from his foals. With her speed, and his size and clean blood, her baby will something to marvel at; we hope. She will just have to take it easy as this is her first baby:)

Our web site will be launched around February 6th, 2009 and Marc is 90 percent finished with his book on Secret Ta Gold.

There are some exciting media events coming up, and as soon they are confirmed, we will write a post.

Thanks again for the support.

Stay Tuned:)

Marc Raben
Best Kept Secret Racing, LLC

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Updates and more updates.....

Hello All,

I just wanted to let you know that we just got a call from the Jockey Club in Lexington, KY and it is official!! Secret Ta Gold's name will be pensioned for all time. This was due to her heart, talent, courage, spirit, inspiration and being such a great ambassador of the horse racing industry for her entire career. This a great honor they have bestowed on my little filly that was born in Illinois and fought so hard her entire life. This just reminds us of what great things we can do when our backs are against the wall and keep a dream alive. I write this to you because without your support, the world would not know about my little "Secret". All the positive people in her life have allowed her to make the difference that she did on so many people. Secret is such a special horse, and I believe I could breed horses until I am 95 and never have a horse with the class and quality of our little filly. We also have some exciting things coming up. I encourage you to watch her video's and see the impact she continues to make. is in the works and should be launched on February 6th, 2009. Secret has an event on May 16th (her fifth birthday) that we expect over 250 people will attend including her Wish children. We hope you will attend. Marc is 70% done with her book and will be reading from it at the event.

Stay tuned for more media and press updates in the works.......

I just wanted to say we couldn't have done any of this without you.

My little filly made a difference...thats all I can ask for. And she will continue to......

Love, Marc & Secret Ta Gold
Best Kept Secret Racing LLC