Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Wonderful Kentucky Derby & Oaks!!!

Best Kept Secret Racing LLC took a very special girl and her family to the 2010 Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky on May 1st, 2010. We had a wonderful day despite the rain. The weather cleared up like a dream just for the special race. She was one of Secret's former Make-A-Wish children who Secret gave a wish enhancement to. Go For Gin (the sire of Secret's 2011 foal) still holds the fastest Kentucky Derby time of 2 minutes, 3.72 seconds on muddy or sloppy tracks even after the 2010 Derby. We even got a chance to visit Darby Dan Farm and see the sire of Silver Phoenix, Repriced. This is one very special family and Secret sends love and best wishes to her brother who leaves for the Army soon. May he be safe and come back to us very soon. We love you all. Thank you for honoring us with your company. The day was magical because you were there. Keep smiling.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Am Pregnant!!! Again!!


Just wanted to let all of you know that I saw a little heartbeat today and am pregnant again:) My 2011 foal will be out of 1994 Kentucky Derby winner Go For Gin:)

We are all happy and Silver is doing wonderful..... We have a real family now...Stay tuned for my babies at a racetrack near you!!!

Hugs & Kisses,

Secret Ta Gold

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Holidays/ 2010 Secret Ta Gold Breeding News!!!


I wanted to wish you a very happy holiday. Silver and I are in Maryland. Today is a very special day for me too. I was bred on Passover and Easter Sunday to 1994 Kentucky Derby winner Go For Gin. All went well and we will know in about thirty days if I am officially pregnant!! My daughter Silver Phoenix is doing wonderful at six weeks old. Life is wonderful and we will keep you posted as new news comes along. Marc's book is coming along nicely and we will have exciting news to report shortly!!

We Love you!!!

Secret Ta Gold and Marc

Go for Gin

1994 Kentucky Derby Winner

Winner - B. c. by Cormorant - Never Knock, by Stage Door Johnny. Trained by Nicholas P. Zito; bred in Kentucky by Pamela duPont Darmstadt.
$878,800 - gross value and $40,000 Gold Cup. Net to winner $628,800; second $145,000; third $70,000; fourth $35,000.

GO FOR GIN ducked out after the start forcing TABASCO CAT into BROCCO, quickly reached contention when straightened away, took over entering the backstretch, was well in hand while
managing a clear lead into the upper stretch, drew off quickly when roused, then held sway while drifting out in the final sixteenth as his rider took hold nearing the wire. STRODES CREEK,
allowed to settle into the backstretch, angled out while rallying leaving the far turn, then finished well to best the others while racing six wide. BLUMIN AFFAIR commenced his rally approaching
the end of the backstretch, made a run from between foes nearing midstretch but failed to sustain his bid. BROCCO, squeezed back at the start, moved within easy striking distance entering the
backstretch, loomed a strong factor inside the leaders entering the stretch then weakened under pressure. SOUL OF THE MATTER, outrun to the far turn, made a mild bid between rivals through
the upper stretch and flattened out. TABASCO CAT, forced into BROCCO at the start, quickly reached a striking position outside horses, remained a factor after moving inside on the second turn,
but gave way in the drive. SOUTHERN RHYTHM broke to the inside and was outrun for a mile, then failed to threaten while finishing seven wide. POWIS CASTLE came out after bobbling
at the start putting HOLY BULL in tight quarters, raced forwardly until the upper stretch and tired. MAHOGANY HALL, never close, clipped the heels of MEADOW FLIGHT after entering
the stretch and stumbled badly. SMILIN SINGIN SAM lacked room after the start, advanced steadily approaching the far turn to make his bid but was finished entering the stretch. MEADOW
FLIGHT was finished early. HOLY BULL, in tight after failing to break alertly raced within easy striking distance to the far turn, then tired badly. VALIANT NATURE, away in good order,
took up sharply along the inside racing into the first turn to aviod clipping heels, then gave way readily. ULISES showed speed until near the end of the backstretch and stopped badly.
Scratched- Kandaly was scratched after the fifth race because of track condition. All wagers in the straight, place, show, exacta and trifecta pools were ordered refunded. All pickthree
and pick-six wagers involving Kandaly were switched to the favorite, Holy Bull.
363 nominations.
Medication: L- lasix
Equipment: b- blinkers
Go for Gin 120th
May 7, 1994

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Birth of Silver Phoenix.....

Secret Ta Gold is overjoyed to announce the birth of Silver Phoenix. Her gray filly by Repriced (1988) was born on February 24th, 2010 at 12:15 AM. Marc was there to witness the birth:) Silver is a horse strong of both spirit and stature. Reminds me of someone I know...We will continue the work we started together...the three of us. Please stay tuned for more pictures and posts in the weeks to come....


Marc H Raben & Secret Ta Gold
Best Kept Secret Racing LLC

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Edited Book Excerpt


She was everything I ever could have imagined. The only one thing in this world she loved to do was run fast. I could swear as she floated through the air, her head faced into the wind that a smile would appear on her face. She was smart and very curious. Her head and eyes would glance in any direction at even the slightest sound. She was as gray as black charcoal with a fierce black mane. You could see touches of gray poking about her large frame. She moved with a purpose, and she always seemed to know where she was going, never wanting to follow but to lead. She had kind gentle eyes that seemed to say, “I just want to do great things and to feel I had a positive impact on people’s lives.”

This is the story about a true champion in a different sense of the conventional horse racing industry’s definition. Nothing in this world is impossible to achieve if you can dream it. This is the story of our journey together throughout her greatest triumphs, worst defeats, and the amazing inspirational impact that she had upon everyone she touched.

Please join me and let me tell you about my most special dream, one that became a reality and made me never forget that you can accomplish anything in this world if you just believe that it is possible. Dreams are the combination of reality and a make believe world that we can all live in if we dare to.

There were many diverse roads that led me to this place and this time. Happy endings are subjective depending on the day of the week, and the person you choose to ask. The happiness lies in the smiles, tears, and the impact made. This is the story about a horse that would not give up no matter what life threw at her. This is the story of the special people we met along the journey, the good and the bad that helped shape this dream into true reality. This is the story of horse that shared her inner and outward struggles with sick children facing similar obstacles. This is the story of how pure gold shines when it is polished. This is the story of a dream. This is her story…

My Future by Marc Raben

I would like to share some bittersweet news with you. Secret Ta Gold was everything I could have ever asked for in a race horse. My first horse. She was as fast as a bullet and fought her entire racing career battling ailments and injuries, but most importantly, fighting for respect, which in the end I hope that she gained. She changed my life. She truly is my guardian angel on earth and I cherish every second God allows her to be in my life. My greatest failure to my precious Secret was that I was unable to get her to fully achieve her dreams as a race horse. As a humanitarian and ambassador to the sport of horse racing, she excelled in ways that continue to amaze myself and others every day. She is and was everything I could ever ask for. Therefore, I cannot ask her for any more. She gave everything she had in her tiny little legs and her huge heart. I am officially announcing her retirement from horse racing. She is too precious to myself, others, and to so many wonderful children to take a chance of her getting seriously injured with a return to the race track. She and her offspring will continue what she started, working with children that need a smile as they fight life's more serious battles. Also, the film company that I am working with about her life story insists on a clause in the contract that if the deal goes through that she be retired. We all want her here to see her story in print and on the big screen. The story speaks to all of us, and the idea to never give up and fight every day to achieve our dreams no matter what. No one is too feeble....If we can dream it we can do it. It is the story about a little horse bred in Illinois that showed her heart, love, and fighting spirit to all she came in contact with. Her story speaks to all of us that have ever been told or believed at some point in our lives that we couldn't do something. Yes we can!!! The word rich begins and ends with the fullness of our hearts. We don't need to be a millionaire to make a million dollar difference. With that said.....Please stay tuned for upcoming information on her book and media events forthcoming.

On a lighter note....Secret Ta Gold will be bred in 2010 to Go for Gin. Go for Gin won the 1994 Kentucky Derby (wiring the field) beating Holly Bull and Tobasco Cat, with second places in the Preakness and Belmont. He retired with earnings of $1,380,866. Go for Gin is a half-brother to champion and leading sire Pleasant Tap. From the direct female line of the remarkable foundation mare La Troienne whose descendants have won more classics than any other! Go For Gin is the sire of G1 winner Albert The Great (who sired millionaire and Kentucky Derby runner Nobiz Like Shobiz) who earned $3,012,490. What is most impressive about this match is that the mating gets a A+++ rating, the highest and rarest possible from Werk Thoroughbreds. This match is also very favorable among other nicking systems including True Nicks from Alan Porter. The foal will be a distance horse with great bloodlines. The hooves of a champion and the heart of a champion, all in one foal.....Wow!! I hope that you will continue to follow our little story and see where this strange amazing trip takes us. I promise the ride will be worth the admission. It all started with a dream. Please tell your friends and family to continue to dream with us. Spread the word and let's get more fans and start an awakening. Dreams can become reality. Let me tell you a secret about one I know......

Go For Gin - Secret Ta Gold
(Based on the GO FOR GIN - MR. PROSPECTOR cross)
*Triple Plus*
Roman Dosage Profile: (7-2-10-2-3)
Dosage Points: 24
D.I.: 1.40 C.D.: 0.33
5-Generation Inbreeding: NEVER BEND - 4f x 5m
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Go for Gin (foaled 1991 in Kentucky) is an American Thoroughbred racehorse most well known as the winner of the 1994 Kentucky Derby. He was sired by Cormorant out of the dam Never Knock. For his Derby win, Chris McCarron was his jockey, who had previously won the Kentucky Derby on Alysheba.
Born in Kentucky in 1991, he was bred by Pamela duPont Darmstadt and trained by Nick Zito, who also trained 1991 Kentucky Derby winner Strike the Gold. He ended his racing career with $1,380,866 in earnings.

In 1995, Go for Gin suffered a small tear of a tendon sheath in his left foreleg while working out at Belmont Park. This precipitated his retirement to stud.

Racing history
In total, Go for Gin started 19 races, winning five and running in the money 14 times. Though he challenged for the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, he never achieved a win again, losing nine races after his last victory at the Kentucky Derby.

1994 Kentucky Derby
The 120th Kentucky Derby was held on May 7, 1994 and featured a sloppy track. The race set off at 5:34 p.m. local time. Go for Gin entered the race at 9.10:1 odds, behind Holy Bull at 2.20, Brocco at 4.30, Tabasco Cat at 6.10, and Strodes Creek at 7.90. Go for Gin started by ducking out, forcing Tabasco Cat into Brocco. By the 1/4 mile pole, Go for Gin had reached 2nd place behind Ulises. At the 1/2 mile pole, Go for Gin had captured the lead by half a length. As he entered the stretch, he'd increased the lead to four lengths. Strodes Creek and Blumin Affair both made late charges, closing the gap some but not enough to close. Go for Gin finished with a time of 2:03.72. He won by two lengths, and netted US$628,800 for the victory. Of note, Tabasco Cat finished in sixth place in this race, but went on to win that year's other two legs of the Triple Crown. Go for Gin placed second in both of those races.

Race record at age 2
•Won Remsen Stakes
•Won Maiden
•Won Chief's Crown Stakes
Race Record at age 3
•Won Preview Stakes
•Won Kentucky Derby
•2nd at Preakness Stakes
•2nd at Belmont Stakes
•2nd at Fountain of Youth Stakes
•2nd at Wood Memorial Stakes
•3rd at Forego Stakes
Race record at age 4
•3rd at Churchill Downs Handicap

History at stud
Go for Gin was retired to stud in 1995 at Claiborne Farm in Kentucky. He is the sire of Albert the Great, who retired with lifetime winnings in excess of US$3 million and has sired Nobiz Like Shobiz. His runners have an average US$71,742 per starter. He has sired seven stakes winners. In total, Go for Gin offspring have netted more than US$30 million in career winnings.

Pedigree: Cormorant-Never Knock by Stage Door Johnny